Change is afoot!

AUDMA has been a tremendous vehicle for change over the past 7 years. As one of the first automation agencies on the market in audiology, we have had an impact in dozens clinics and in thousands of lives with stronger messaging, consistent marketing, and the push to use a medical model for treating hearing loss.

And so change comes again. With this announcement, we leave AUDMA behind.

I am excited to introduce: Helping Hand Automation.

At Helping Hand Automation, we believe in building a business that works for you, that gives you the time and energy you want and need to live a joyful, fulfilled life.

With this change, we will bring to the table:

  • Better solutions and consistent system improvement
  • More empathy and kindness
  • A spirit of collaboration to implement your patient journey

Most of all, let's keep it fun!

Helping Hand Automation implements strategic, proven automated email and text marketing systems for audiology clinic owners who want to ditch the marketing overwhelm, get unstuck, and reclaim their time and energy once and for all.

Take Me There!